[Longfic] SPPs' Academy

[Longfic] SPPs’ Academy. – Introduction + List Chapters.

Long fiction: SPPs’ Academy [SPPA]

[Could write as “SPPs’ Academy” or “SPP’s Academy”. Both are acceptable.]

Author: Lapis Lazuli. Co-writer (post-er most of the time, actually): Yuki Ame.

Rating: T+ (to M)

Characters: Super Junior, DBSK, cameo from others Kpop bands.

Pairings: Not decided yet. Vote for your OTP.

Disclaimer: The story, the plot, the action are mine. People belong to theirselves.

Category: super power, fantasy, darkness, magic, action, adventure, classroom, academy,…

Length: Long fiction.

Status: On-going.

Summary: In one world, people who have super strength of magical skills are being abandoned from the others. They have no choice except going to a special Academy for them, training their skills, then graduated and working for some Secret Non-governmental organizations that need their abilities – or giving up their abnormalities, living a normal life but still endured the stigma of community. That’s so easy to understand why almost of them choose the first option.

This story will tell you about some of them, special people who have the super skills – although they can’t decide there are Gifts from God or Curses from the Devil.


List of Chapters:

Vol I: The First Year.

Chapter One: Hey, Show us your Skill, little brat!

Chapter Two: Let me show you What are SSClass Students!

Chapter Three: You have been Warned!  Chapter Four: Miss Autumn.

Chapter Five: Show us Your Talent, Miss Autumn!

Chapter Six: Dangerous Kisses.  Chapter Seven: Bloody Halloween Night.

Chapter Eight: Why not you?  Chapter Nine: Sporting Contest. 

Chapter Ten: Mid-term Exams. Chapter Eleven: Preparing for Mr.Winter.

Chapter Twelve: December is Cold as Eternal Ice.

Chapter Thirteen: Sudden Change.  Chapter Fourteen: Spring is Coming!

Chapter Fifteen: Spring Camp.


Side Story – One: Talk About Our Past (team 13).


Chapter Sixteen: Living Amidst Nature.

Chapter Seventeen: Dangerous Times: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter Eighteen: Who is the Spring’s Royal?: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter Nineteen: Come back to School.  Chapter Twenty: Traces of SD.

Chapter Twenty One: Collaborate, Shall We?  Chapter Twenty Two: We got you.

Chapter Twenty Three: Summer’s Hottest.

Chapter Twenty Four: End of the First Year.


Extra One: The Trip to Jeju Island.


Side Story – Two: Christmas Prom.

Vol II:  Hello, We are the Special Ones.

Chapter One: The Shadow. Chapter Two: SHINee.

Chapter Three: Stories of Runes. Chapter Four:


Extra Two: White. Grey. Black. [Valeryl’s Past]


Chapter Five:

Vol III: The Party of Devils.

Chapter One: New Students, New Teacher. Chapter Two:


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