[Longfic] SPPs' Academy

[Longfic] SPPs’ Academy. – Introduction + List Chapters.

Long fiction: SPPs’ Academy [SPPA]

[Could be written as “SPPs’ Academy” or “SPP’s Academy”. Both are acceptable.]

Author: [Anonymous (since she said that she wanted to remain anonymous)]. Co-writer (post-er most of the time, actually): Yuki Ame.

Rating: T+ (to M)

Characters: Super Junior, DBSK, cameo from others Kpop bands, and some OCs.

Pairings: Not decided yet. Vote for your OTP.

Disclaimer: Only the story is ours.

Category: Super power, fantasy, darkness, magic, action, adventure, academy,…

Length: Long fiction.

Status: On-going.

Summary: In one world, people who have super strengths of magical skills are being abandoned from the others. They have no other choice except going to a special Academy for them, training their skills, then graduated and working for some Secret Non-governmental organizations that need their abilities – or giving up their abnormalities, living a normal life but still endured the stigma of community. That’s so easy to understand why a majority of them choose the first option.

This story will tell you about some of those special people who have their own super skills – although they can’t decide there are Gifts from God or Curses from the Devil.


List of Chapters:

Vol I: The First Year.

Chapter One: Hey, Show us your Skill, little brat!

Chapter Two: Let me show you What are SSClass Students!

Chapter Three: You have been Warned!  Chapter Four: Miss Autumn.

Chapter Five: Show us Your Talent, Miss Autumn!

Chapter Six: Dangerous Kisses.  Chapter Seven: Bloody Halloween Night.

Chapter Eight: Why not you?  Chapter Nine: Sporting Contest. 

Chapter Ten: Mid-term Exams. Chapter Eleven: Preparing for Mr.Winter.

Chapter Twelve: December is Cold as Eternal Ice.

Chapter Thirteen: Sudden Change.  Chapter Fourteen: Spring is Coming!

Chapter Fifteen: Spring Camp.


Side Story – One: Talk About Our Past (team 13).


Chapter Sixteen: Living Amidst Nature.

Chapter Seventeen: Dangerous Times: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter Eighteen: Who is the Spring’s Royal?: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter Nineteen: Come back to School.  Chapter Twenty: Traces of SD.

Chapter Twenty One: Collaborate, Shall We?  Chapter Twenty Two: We got you.

Chapter Twenty Three: Summer’s Hottest.

Chapter Twenty Four: End of the First Year.


Extra One: The Trip to Jeju Island.


Side Story – Two: Christmas Prom.

Vol II:  Hello, We are the Special Ones.

Chapter One: The Shadow. Chapter Two: SHINee.

Chapter Three: Stories of Runes. Chapter Four:


Extra Two: White. Grey. Black. [Valeryl’s Past]


Chapter Five:

Vol III: The Party of Devils.

Chapter One: New Students, New Teacher. Chapter Two:

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