ChangKyu · Multi Shots – Drabble [Collection] · Translated fiction

[Trans-Multi Shots] Stories about ChangKyu.

Author: ADisappearance.

Fiction: ChangKyu Series One shot.

Translator: Yuki Ame.

Characters: Super Junior, DBSK.

Pairings: Main ChangKyu. And DBSJ’s couples.

Rating: T.

Length: Short fic.

Writing StatusCompleted.

Translating Status: Slowly crawling… aka lê lết từng chương…

Category: Fluff, funny, cute and sweet,…




ChangKyu 18

List of shots:

1: Late night Call2: My Classroom Crush

3: Chapter 34: Star Craft5: Punishment

6: Sleepy Head – 7: Classroom Love – 8: I Miss You

9: Heaven wanted Their Angel Back

10: Heaven wanted Their Angel Back: part 2

11: Breakfast12: Nervous

13: What do they do in Kyu-Line? – 14: Sadness

15: Secrets…? – 16: Belong – 17: Hyung

18: Running Away19: Running Away: Part 2 – 20: Running Away: Sequel

21: Getting Used To ChangKyu – 22: ChangKyu UFO Replies

23: UFO Reply: What did ChangMin do when he saw KyuHyun kiss SiWon?

24: UFO Reply: If KyuHyun was kidnapped, what would ChangMin do?

25: UFO Reply: ChangMin, what was your reaction when you saw KyuHyun on SNL Korea dressed as a girl?

26: UFO Reply: What does ChangMin and KyuHyun do at night?

27: UFO Reply: Please tell us what things can make KyuHyun flushed and weak.

28: Sick – 29: UFO Reply: KyuHyun, have you ever topped ChangMin?

30: UFO Reply: KyuHyun, is ChangMin jealous of the fan service you do with your hyungs?

31: Shocking 32: Shocking: Part 2 – 33: Shocking: Part 3

34: UFO Reply: KyuHyun, is ChangMin the perfect lover?

35: High School – 36: High School: Part 2 – 37: Photographer

38: UFO Reply: WonKyu is very polular now, what do you think ChangMin?

39: Surprise – 40: New Student: Part 1

41: New Student: Part 2 – 42: New Student: Part 3

43: UFO Reply: ChangMin, how protective are you of KyuHyun?

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