Lảm nhảm (3) or what should I do with my inspiration?

couldn't finish
Credit: On pic, belongs to sufferingoth

Just one day, very suddenly, the inspiration has grown wings and flied away away away…

And I did not even know the reason why :v =))

Where are you, my inspiration for writing and something else?! You can’t leave me like this! Just can’t!!!! Come back before my scheduled posts will have ended up!! But I’m not begging you, you are mine and you just need to come back to me. I am demanding you!

… And I feel that sounds powerful but hopeless at the same time *Laugh out Loud* =)) Why did you choose this time for leaving, my inspiration? You’re a traitor! You know that every writers and even other works need you so much! WHY?! TELL ME WHY?!!

I’m feeling something is gone very wrong right now =)) WHY?!!! What has happened to you? It’s your fault, my inspiration, because it’s obvious that me, myself, my life… aren’t have anything is that-wrong right now =))

Aren’t you telling me that I need to stop writing too much different things at one time and working on new ideas whenever I have one pops up in my mind? =)) That’s a ridiculous and shocking way for me you know =))

ANYWAY, JUST COME BACK TO ME =)) I’m using so much “=))” to tell you that I’m still feel right but why you’re not with me?! =)) But I also find that hilarious for myself =)) Maybe just in some days my craziness is increasing =)) Và chả hiểu sao thấy mấy cái dòng trên không viết ra được bằng tiếng mẹ đẻ là cớ làm sao =))


6 thoughts on “Lảm nhảm (3) or what should I do with my inspiration?

    1. Okay… but this time is different from another, i feel it. ‘Cause I’m writing quite a lot different stories so the times I feel “Oh, now I can’t write this one” are just coultless XD But I can write another one or edit or translate,… at least still have something that I could spend time on [of course the hours are in control =))]. This time is just… I don’t feel like I wanna do anything. So suddenly, it’s… weird and it makes me confused :/

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      1. I think that you just need to relax. That´s all. Doing too much makes you feel exhausted, so you should spend your time entertaining in different ways. Maybe you will find your inspiration soon again ¬_¬

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        1. So… I’m watching American Horror Story 5 right now :)) Except the 17-18+ scenes about sex that I don’t really like to watch [I wonder why I could write H scenes but I really don’t like watching anything about it =))], the script is as awesome as usual ❤

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  1. Oh my chúa, cưng đang bế tắc và cưng còn ngồi đó suy nghĩ tiếng Anh để mà tâm sự @@
    Tạm thời dừng lại một chút và thư giãn, nghĩ xem là mình có hứng thú và thik hoàn thành fic nào trước. Đừng có ôm một lúc quá nhìu fic,ss là reader mà còn đọc ko kịp. Cứ suy nghĩ phải hoàn fic này òi viết và dịch fic kia nhg chưa cái nào hoàn cả nên dễ stress lắm. Ngừng một time ngắn đi,ss nghĩ nếu chán thì cứ dịch fic rồi từ từ viết tiếp.


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