Quốc Ca Thế Sự [National Anthems Gijinka] · [Longfic] Eternal Youth | School AU

[Longfic] Eternal Youth | School AU | QCTS fanfic.

Original plot: Yui Lê (Yui).

Plot developers: Helena Evans (Laz), Kusano Sakura (Alice).

Storyline creators: Laz, Alice.

Writers: Laz, Alice.

Illustrators: Yui, Laz, Lev Bay, Minh Hương.

Fiction: Eternal Youth.

Category: School AU. Modern, humour, funny, fluff, cute and sweet.

Rating: T.

Characters: Project Quốc Ca Thế sự của Bơ. Crossover Hetalia World Academy Series.

Pairing(s): Sail your own ship(s).

Length: Longfic.

Status: On-going.


List chapters:

Vol I: Seven Mysteries.

1: The fax machine – 2: Cố sự của Hội trưởng Hội học sinh

3: The mirror on the wall: Part 1 – Part 2


Vol II: Relationships.

1: – 2: – 3:

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